Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Happy 98th Birthday"

My wonderful grandmother turned 98 years old! Though he mind does not allow her to remember me, I have so many wonderful memories of my Grandmother. I just made her this special card and sent it to her in Windsor Ontario Canada. Like I said, poor old tired Grandma can't recall who I am but I still enjoyed making this card just for my Grandmother


  1. Love the card, Joanie! Your coloring is beautiful & I really love the paper piecing on Grandma's skirt!!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Donna! Slowly I am getting there with my copic markers. They are fun to use!

  3. Hi Joanie! I love this card! It makes my heart smile! What a wonderful way to remember your Grandmother! This card makes me remember my Grandmother!

  4. Thanks Lisa. It is so neat to carry so many wonderful memories of Grandmother's and I hope some day my Grandchildren have those same memories too.... :)

    Thanks for your kinds words.

  5. Love this card!!!!! I love all your cards they are all so beautiful!!!! You do such a great job. I am also on Have a great weekend. Pam